Learn how Push can help you grow with our speedy and innovative online advertising services

Paid Management Services
Paid Management Services

Our paid management services are built around our unique service model that delivers exceptional performance on platforms such as AdWords, Bing, Facebook, using our own tech, human love and long-term strategy.

Over the past 12 months, Push has been Google’s most recognised UK Premier Partner.

We have won the Global & EMEA award for mobile innovation

Were named a top 3 partner for 2 other awards – Growing Businesses Online and Shopping Innovation

Won the award for Google’s Highest Customer Satisfaction in EMEA.

Digital Consultancy Solutions
Digital Consultancy Solutions

If you manage PPC in-house we have some great solutions we can provide to your team to ensure they stay ahead of the competition and implement the very latest advances online quickly and efficiently.

Our solutions include senior-level strategic direction from our Head of Search who has over 8 years experience.

We implement our unique Push Analyser scripts to optimise your campaign and provide access to the very latest BETA tests from Google.

Push provides the best agency advice at a fraction of the normal advertising agency costs.

Scripts & Software
Scripts & Software

AdWords scripts provide you with a great way to automate tasks and see insights hidden deep within AdWords. We have developed over 100 scripts we use to manage campaigns globally, delivering excellent results for our customers

For example, scripts can save you a substantial amount of time managing accounts bids, CPA and positioning. Scripts can also allow you to add keywords and negatives in bulk.

Scripts can also provide protection mechanisms like error 404 scripts, budget caps, zero-click alerts to make sure you never overspend, spend on broken URLs or miss any days sales/leads because of account issues.

We work with customers on a fixed monthly fee that is product dependant with performance incentives

Reasons Why Our Customers Rated us The Highest For Customer Satisfaction

  • Webinars of Google Updates
  • Invites to Educational Events at Google
  • 3 Way Google Meetings
  • Quarterly Hard Copy Publication Updates
  • Working Sessions in the Office
  • Facebook Help Group
  • Really Lovely People
  • Live Transparent Data
  • Unlimited Tea when You Come to See us