Case study
Breaking out of the niche with an omni-channel approach for Tailwind Nutrition

Breaking out of the niche with an omni-channel approach for Tailwind Nutrition

Overall website grew


year on year

Facebook Ads revenue from 2020 Q4 was


higher than the previous year with the same spend

Tailwind Nutrition was founded by athletes in Colorado, who saw huge success at events and races but had to lean on digital more than ever due to the pandemic. They needed to scale quickly and efficiently while retaining current customers and appealing to new audiences outside of their niche of ultra-running.

In this case study, we will show you how we used an omni-channel approach to help them appeal to a broader market while growing their existing audience, ultimately growing the website earnings by almost 60%.

The challenge

  • Tailwind saw a lot of success at races and events, but in the time of COVID, they had to move their resource and revenue-driving to digital more than they ever have in the past.
  • When they joined Push their core audience was endurance athletes – ultra runners, cyclists, triathletes, mountain bikers.
  • The goal was to maintain those relationships but also to broaden their audience to more of an “active” audience that didn’t necessarily fall into an endurance athlete.
  • They were also looking for an agency that could work alongside their Amazon strategy so there was a true omni-channel approach.

The results

  • Their overall website grew 57% YoY while New Users grew 47%
    Since Push took over digital marketing activity, revenue grew 59% and new users grew 57% vs the previous year.
  • Increased efficiency on Facebook ads while expanding into wider interest categories.
    Employing our prospecting and retargeting strategies on Facebook, Facebook Ads revenue from 2020 Q4 was 155% higher than the previous year with the same spend. We have also expanded our reach into new interest areas outside of the niche.

The approach

  • Full-Funnel Strategy
    We invested resources into prospecting and tested different forms of hooks and copy. We trialled different hooks for remarketing and retention, ensuring that we were appealing to customers at every level of the funnel.
  • Creatives
    We developed compelling and well-themed ads, campaigns and keywords. We worked with them to develop strong Black Friday creative and creative for a new product launch.
  • Tailored ad copy
    To show context to the use of products in different sports outside ultras, we developed tailored copy and assets on Facebook and google display to directly appeal to people who may be ‘problem aware, solution unaware’.
  • Sharing insights with Amazon partners
    Leveraging advantages from both platforms in terms of testing, we were able to collaborate to expand generic search to increase visibility to a broader audience.
  • Testing markets
    The wide range of targeting options on Facebook Ads allowed us to easily test new interest areas. We can easily test new markets by setting up a landing page and a small budget to see which areas are best to expand into. We also leveraged this wide reach ahead of Black Friday, building larger audiences who we then remarketed to on Black Friday weekend.


At Push we like to think of ourselves as our client’s in-house marketing team, so when Tailwind needed help to develop their voice and overall online strategy, we jumped at the chance, providing consultation not only on digital advertising but also brand strategy and creative direction.

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“Working with the Push team has exceeded our expectations at Tailwind Nutrition. Push is a true digital marketing partner who we consider teammates, not just another agency.

Since beginning our partnership, our digital marketing revenue has grown over 200% YoY and makes up over 50% of our total revenue. Not only does Push bring strategy and execution to the table, but they are easy to work with, prompt at communicating and care about our brand.”

Abbie Hediger

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