Inspiring Insights From COVID LIVE Facebook Webinar

Natalia Chronowiat, 
Social Account Strategist, 

Amid the current situation, Facebook will now be running a weekly COVID-19 webinar, called COVID LIVE. As a Facebook Premier Partner, we are provided with weekly updates and consumer trend insights which we will summarise and circulate with our current customer base.

Please find below the key developments from this week’s COVID-19 Facebook webinar.


1. COVID fatigue

The latest research by GovUK suggests that distancing is likely to continue beyond lockdown. When asked, 70% of UK-residents said they would be comfortable visiting garden centres, but only 48% would feel the same about visiting hairdressers or clothing stores. The number drops below 40% for restaurants, pubs and gyms. The post lockdown concerns, however, differs significantly by market. Even if the businesses are allowed to reopen and travel resumes, 71% of the UK will still be very nervous about leaving home, compared to only 44% in Germany. Spain, Australia and France keep between 63-67%, while Italy, surprisingly, skews closer to Germany at 49%.


So what does that mean for you? Think about how your behaviour will change with the end of lockdown, how that will affect your business and your consumers’ behaviour.


2. The new normal isn’t normal

Those significant cultural differences can also suggest one thing – long term behavioural shifts are not universal. Consumer behaviour after COVID-19, relative to pre-crisis is expected to change significantly with an increase in online shopping and a decrease in travel in the UK. It is, however, predicted that those same shifts will not be observed in Germany – grocery shopping is expected to decrease by 11%, while domestic travel is predicted to increase by 17%.

We are now all retooling for a contactless world with virtual rules, contactless payments, virtual stylists, or video doctor appointments.

So what does that mean for you? Think about what opportunities are there to help people live a more contactless life, remap your customer journey through a contactless lens and try to understand how your brand should retool.


3. A move to collectivism: From “Me” to “We”

There was a huge shift back to ‘community first’. People in the UK are members of more than 2,000 local support Facebook groups set up against COVID-19. 58% of them feel like their relationship with friends and family could get stronger because of the current situation. People now spend more time connecting to others (+46% in the UK and +23% in DE), cooking (+46% in the UK and +41% in DE), consume visual media and exercise (+25% in the UK and +20% in DE).


Overall, there is a returning sense of Global Community with 4m people making posts and comments to support Italians during the lockdown through encouraging words like ‘andra tuto bene’ (everything will be fine) or ‘io resto casa’ (I’m staying home’).

So what does that mean for you? There are three ways brands can show up:

1. Safety tips: physically and emotionally
2. Compassion & appreciation
3. Entertainment

1. Donations & drives
2. Repurposing production
3. Flexibility & financial relief

1. Contact-free commerce
2. Bespoke deals & discounts
3. Escapism & DIY self-care

If any of the above inspire you to make a change to your current strategy, reach out and let us know how we can help!

We will be in touch in 2 weeks as the webinar will now be recorded biweekly going forward.

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