How To Stand Out On Amazon With Sponsored Brands & Video

How To Stand Out On Amazon With Sponsored Brands & Video

September 7, 2021

Amazon advertising has different products to get your brand seen and heard on the platform.

You can Improve product visibility through Sponsored products. Further, extend your reach using Sponsored display, inspire customer loyalty through Stores, and grow brand awareness through Sponsored Brands.

Sponsored Brands can help shoppers become more engaged while browsing and discovering products on Amazon. You can change the headline to highlight what makes your company stand out and show samples of your product offerings.

You can also use Sponsored Brands to stay top of mind with shoppers and increase brand loyalty. Use your Sponsored Brands ad to direct customers to your Store, where they can browse additional products in your catalogue that they might be interested in.

Use Sponsored Brands video to stand out in Amazon’s shopping results on desktop and mobile devices, and to help customers discover your brand and products as they shop. These keyword-targeted, cost-per-click ads direct customers to the product detail page, where they can learn more and make a purchase.

Videos need to be short, product-centric and focussed to retain attention and show off the product and brand.


Find out how we used Sponsored Brands video for clients in different product categories to grow their brands.

For a flavoured peanut brand

More engagement vs product collection ads
So they saw a 135% Higher CTR

More efficient performance vs product collection
59% Higher ROAS

Successful for customer retention
100% were Returning Customers

A Spiced Rum Brand

More engagement vs sponsored products
143% Higher CTR

More efficient performance vs sponsored products
77% Higher ROAS

Better cost control
13% Cheaper CPC

A luxury vegan beauty brand

Higher conversion driver vs Sponsored Products
22% Higher Conversions

Better cost control
89% Cheaper CPC

More success for customer acquisition
100% New Customers


It is so exciting to have the freedom to test out new products across advertising platforms and to see the success that trialling video has had for our clients.

If you would like to find out how you can grow your Amazon business through Ads, please get in touch.

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