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Gineke Helberg, 
Head of Facebook, 

We wanted to reach out and update you on the current status of the Apple iOS update. You might have noticed a few updates within the Ads Manager.

Also, don’t miss the timeline compiled and updated by Depesh Mandalia.

It seems that Apple is planning to release the update early Spring which means that we will be fully prepared as we have work ahead of schedule to work through changes and thinking of ideas of how to caveat potential impact.

From an initial survey, it seems that 59% of users might consider opting to be tracked across apps.

As a team, we ran a workshop last Thursday to discuss some solutions and ideas which I have summarised below.


Facebook has updated the default attribution setting to 7-day click, 1-day view, replacing the 28-day click, 1-day view attribution setting. This has caused a problem in tracking overall or totals within the ads manager. If the status of a campaign or ad set was paused during this change the attribution window would not have automatically changed meaning that there are now ‘multiple attribution settings’ across campaigns which prevent the system from calculating totals.

We’ve recorded the video below to show the impact as it can be quite techy.



If you are currently signed up to our own tech tool, Adinvestor, you should be able to see totals (Sales, Conversions) for each day and by campaign. If you are not set-up, please reach out so we can support in setting you up.

Initial tracking solution in case users opt-out

  • Tracking directly from CRM via UTM parameters, for example, Shopify or other third-party tools
  • Google Analytics, although there will always be a discrepancy
  • Custom promo codes that we can track via CRM – This is something we’ve tested for some eCommerce clients where they offer 5% or 10% off for new or existing customers. As we promote this unique code on Facebook alone, they are able to track the revenue value against it.
  • Facebook’s own Aggregated Event Measurement

Audiences and Retargeting

As mentioned in our previous blog, we imagine that this could impact retargeting and audience sizes. With this in mind, we came up with the following ideas to find additional retargeting audiences

  • Ensure you have your Facebook and Instagram shop set-up so we can retarget customers who interact with your online shop
  • Use Facebook Lead Forms to build a customer base so we can retarget customers who have submitted a lead.
  • Group retargeting ad sets to increase size and learning
  • Use customer list audiences and update this at least monthly
  • Run more video ads so we can retarget customers who have watched X% of a video
  • Sync your CRM (Shopify, Magento, Klaviyo, Shoptimised, MailChimp) with Facebook so audiences are dynamically updated.

Domain Verification & Event Prioritisation

In the last 2 weeks, we’ve worked with all our clients to verify their domains. Please reach out ASAP if your domain has not been verified yet so we can offer further support.

Once the domain has been verified, we are able to order your tracking event (limited to 8) in order of priority, we are working through this in the next week. In order for us to support you with this, we will have to have admin access to the Business Manager. If this has not been done, then it is SUPER important to reach out to your Paid Social AM.

We are amidst the change but reassured that we are thinking of EVERYTHING and trying to find ways to get around these changes.

Please reach out if you have any additional questions.





Update 31 January 2021

Update 27 January 2021

Update 21 January 2021

  • Facebook has begun the rollout in Ads Manager. The changes include a new column in your reporting as you can see in the image below called ‘Attribution Setting’. This relates to your REPORTING attribution – in the example below you can see most have 28-day click because that’s the account setting, but as my team discovered, the 7-day is AUTOMATICALLY set for 2 of those campaigns which were created recently (20th Jan).
  • To understand what this means – right now, if you have 2 campaigns which are identical, where one was created 2 weeks ago and one today… the numbers you will see could end up being different in 10 days time, where one campaign shows 10-days attribution after the click (eg. click > 10 days pass > purchase) because it has the soon-to-be-removed 28d click tracking and the other will only show up to 7-days of click data (eg. ​​click > MAX 7 days pass > purchase). This could mean that in a few weeks time when you read your conversion data it’s incorrect due to the potential of 2 attribution windows on 2 otherwise identical campaigns. Expect Facebook to force this through account-wide soon.
  • There’s news that Facebook is planning to share what percentage of users in our data includes those that have opted out of tracking on iOS14 which is very useful.​​​​ Nothing official yet.


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