E-Commerce Account Manager

John is a dynamic and enthusiastic individual who has developed a keen interest in digital. His journey began during the 2020 lockdown when he co-founded a record label, which served as a platform to test his strategies in reaching diverse audiences.

This experience ignited his passion, which he further honed while pursuing his BA in Geography. With a knack for spotting numeric trends and leveraging them to his advantage, John brings a unique perspective to the team.

  • When he's not sat behind his laptop, you'll find John in two contrasting environments. He loves to lose himself in the energy of underground raves, exploring the vibrant music scene. On the other hand, he also finds solace and tranquility while quietly enjoying the serenity of a fishing lake.
  • John has a genuine curiosity for different cultures, and his love for experiencing diverse cuisines reflects this. He relishes the opportunity to explore the flavours and culinary delights that each culture has to offer.

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