Meet the pushling family


Head of Finance

The Harry Potter of Finance

Our financial wizard and accounting specialist. Ashish has a great head for figures and provides a calming presence in the Push office. We recently celebrated 10 years as a PPC expert and Ashish made sure that although we had a great party we didn’t go too overboard on the budget for champagne.


Digital Account Manager

The French Maestro of PPC

Aurélia came to work for Push via our graduate training day we held at Google. Having travelled the world she brings a vast amount of experience as well as much needed language expertise for our customers outside of the UK. Specialising in our franchise segment Aurelia is a real future leader in our industry.


Customer Relationship Director

The PPC Daddy

Charlie is our results focussed Customer Relationship Director. He loves data and has over 10 years of experience managing all aspects of PPC. He runs our PPC team and his passion is ensuring our customers have long term relationships with Push. Likes extremely spicy food and is constantly eating.


Head of Facebook

The Social Media Goddess

Originally from South Africa, Gineke came to work for Push via our graduate training day we held at Google. Gineke is at the cutting edge of social media and how to utilise Facebook advertising to boost online branding and sales. She manages our Facebook relationship and drives how Facebook can help our customers grow.


Marketing Director

Google's Best Buddy

Grant is a workaholic, rarely every sleeping, and has over 25 years experience in a variety of marketing roles. A born and bread Manc he is based in our Media City office and also manages our close relationship with Google and the many events we hold at Google HQ.


E-commerce Account Manager

The Daddy of Google Shopping

With a love for PPC, Video and display, Ian is great at a multi- media plan! He works in our e-commerce team and manages many of our largest accounts. Ian has a vast amount of experience and a great sense of humour. He is also a Marvel and Star Wars fanatic.


Head of New Business

I Pitch and I Close

We love helping customers grow and Jai is in charge of our new business team, developing new clients into long term partners. He has worked at Push from our early days and has a vast experience of what strategies to adopt to help new customers grow. He is a keen lover of music and manages the Push Office playlist


Head of Strategy Development

The Mother of Strategy

Manages a very important team who develop and implement the strategy for our new accounts. Jas works closely with new accounts so we have clear KPIs and a strategy to achieve them. Her favourite saying is – Growth isn’t a strategy it’s a result! Is also called the Push rubbish bin due to the junk food she consumes


E-commerce Account Manager

Brings the Cool to E-Commerce

A member of our expanding ecommerce team. Jay has worked with some impressive businesses such as Cisco & BT. Passionate about Google shopping Jay knows how to help you rapidly grow online. Jay is extremely hard working, which is helpful, as he spends a large portion of his salary ensuring his hair is in perfect shape.


Digital Account Manager

The Data Poet

The Bulgarian, of Vietnamese origin, knows all the secrets of the fine art of PPC. He uses his native fluency in the language of data to create PPC poetry designed to lure, entice, and seduce the algorithms for maximum profitability and revenue.


Digital Account Manager

The Account Management Master

Leslie has over 10 years experience in the PPC sector, in a range of businesses from start-ups to large multinationals. He has an innovative approach to work with strong planning and problem-solving skills. Leslie’s healthy regime means he has grown old gracefully and still needs to bring ID on the Push nights out.


Head of Multi-Market Business

The Franchise Guru

Monique heads up our multi-market team. We are a key partner for Google & Facebook in the franchise market and have a close relationship with the BFA. Monique brings a wealth of experience, having formerly worked with some huge household brands in fashion and banking. She does have a scary obsession with Eminem though.


Scripts & Automation Specialist

The Creator of All Things Script

Born and bred in India, Naman is now based in glorious Denham and is a key part of our UK team. We are passionate about data and Naman is an Automation Engineer, specialising in Apps/AdWords scripts. By following a rigorous process in research, analysis & Adwords Management he is a great contributor to our success.


Head of Ecommerce

The Ecommerce Magician

Neeraj joined Push directly from Amazon and now manages our Ecommerce team,. Managing some of our key accounts as well as an expanding team Neeraj has his finger on the pulse of all things Google shopping related. Neeraj likes turtles and finds ‘lemon & herb’ levels of chilli too hot


Facebook Ads Specialist

Zuckerberg's Biggest Fan

Though he is closer to retirement than your average Push staff member, Nemash is still at the cutting edge of social and how to utilise Facebook advertising to boost branding and drive sales. He keeps on top of the regular enhancements in the platform but still hasn’t managed to get Mark Zuckerberg to follow him.


PPC Executive

The Rising Star

New to the world of PPC, but definitely a future star at Push, Peter has made a great impression since he joined us. He has a high focus on innovation and finding inventive ways to solve customers problems at speed. Peter is widely travelled and attended University in Connecticut



Fountain of Knowledge

Ricky is one of our founders and is the fountain of knowledge in Push. Proficient in everything from PPC, Social, Scripts, AI to what makes a great website, he strives for innovation and excellence in all aspects of digital. He looks after the Push pet dog and for extra attention often brings her to the office


PPC Executive

The Gaelic Google Giant

Sam loved our culture so much he moved from Ireland to London to join our UK team! Has managed hundreds of effective AdWords campaigns and has incredible attention to detail. Samknows speed is key and he is at the forefront of launching new BETAs to our customers. Still says the Guinness tastes better at home though.


PPC Executive

The Great All Rounder

Saqib brings many years of digital marketing experience to the Push team and has previously managed the digital marketing activity of major brands such as House of Fraser. He has a passion for helping businesses grow via paid search & social and provides key support across the Push team


PPC Executive

Wise Head on Young Shoulders

The baby of the group, Sean supports our multi market team and helps franchisors get more franchisees as well as increasing the number of relevant leads that hit such businesses. He is like a sponge and soaks up all the knowledge we can throw at him. Can talk for England if you get him on a roll.


Digital Account Manager

The Client Management Expert

Slav brings to the digital industry his extraordinary touch of style. Polishing every aspect of his work to the most meticulous details, he treats client management as a quest for perfection. His abilities to coordinate team members and customers bring out the best in everyone.


Digital Account Manager

The Charlie Kaufman of PPC

When each and every project you work on is a piece of genius you achieve a level of freedom some consider unnatural! Stefan is boundless insight incarnate. We don’t let him grow a beard, because the resemblance with Charlie Kaufman is uncanny. “We are what we love, not what loves us. And I do love PPC” – Stefan



He’s the ‘old boy' at Push

Steve is one of our founders and his many strengths include an amazing knowledge of all aspects of sales & marketing. His overall vison of the future and ability to simplify complex topics make him the perfect speaker at our seminars. He is the ‘old boy’ at Push but still one of the fittest members of the team.


Business Development Executive

The Calming Influence

Tariq is in our new business team and as an experienced PPC expert he knows how to optimise campaigns for great results. Loves meeting customers, he is always on hand at our events to talk new business. He is a trained yoga instructor & brings a calming presence to the busy office when he is not losing at Table Tennis.


Frontend Developer & Designer

Ninja of Front-End Development

Adept, methodical & extremely efficient, Usama is the ninja of front-end development. He is also the driving force behind the development of our landing pages, web builds and implementing code for all devices and delivering flawless design to all our clients. He’s been with us since University for nearly a decade.



The Artist

Busy Mum of 2 is organised and holds the Push purse. She keeps the Push team on track each month but please don’t pay late or she might not be so nice! Veen is a pattern designer in her spare time and also runs classes on art and design


Digital Account Manager & Head of Push Greece

The Greek God of PPC

Yannis has a keen eye for detail and quickly developed a passion for data & using scripts & automation. Splits his time between developing the market in Greece for Push and managing strategic UK accounts. If you ever need Yannis to do something done faster, offer crisps & cake, his ‘Achilles Heel’!


Senior Designer

King of Creative Design

The king of creative design. Yash knows how to keep web visitors on the page and lead them subtly to the next important step. Calm, thoughtful and considered, Yash also plays the role of ‘brand police’ for both Push and our customers. Looks mean but likes cuddles.