Case Study

How we grew an eCommerce Business to 7 figures, in less than 12 months

Toolden is one of Scotland’s largest power tool and accessory distributors and has become one of the UK’s fastest-growing tool suppliers. They have an extensive product range, which includes many major brands, supplying all sectors including engineering, construction and agriculture.


The Challenge

  • To grow their online business and become one of the largest tool suppliers in the country.
  • To improve their website conversion rate.


The Approach

Improve Tracking

  • Prior to taking over the account, the client had severely inflated revenue figures, due to the way in which the checkout process was set-up.
  • To support our data-driven approach, we fixed the tracking issues on the website before optimising the campaigns.


Scaling Google Ads

Unprecedented Growth with Push Google Ads management
  • The account has shown a substantial increase in revenue and ROAS.
  • October ROAS was 647% while May’s ROAS is 1,233%, which is an amazing increase of 586%
  • Revenue in May showed an increase of 199% compared to October.
  • With the exception of December, all months have shown a monthly increase in both revenue and ROAS.


The Results

To achieve these amazing results, we used a wide range of strategies – some of which are outlined below.  As a product-driven client, the bulk of our traffic came from shopping and product-specific keywords.  Optimising existing data was key; having more accurate data enabled us to identify the traffic sources that were giving the best results.


Strategies Used

  • Shopping Low Bid
  • Shopping RLSA
  • Shopping Priority Testing
  • DSA by Landing Page
  • Shopping Item ID Optimisation
  • Shopping Feed Optimisation
  • Model-specific Search Campaigns

We are delighted to see that Toolden are now the UK’s fastest-growing tool distributor and were featured in the local press.


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We changed over to Push over a year ago and it was one of the best decisions we ever made as a company. In less than 12 months with Push Group taking over our paid advertising, our business has increased threefold, making Toolden one of the fastest-growing company in our industry. From when Jai first came to our premises, to Jasleen and her team developing our strategy and Stefan & Slav managing our account, they have been excellent! We are proud to be associated with Push and cannot thank them enough for all the amazing work they have done for us!
Eddie Grovu
eCommerce & Digital Manager


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