Our team of experts can put an advertising plan together to suit your objectives and budget.

We Can Help You Grow Your Business

Push Group are an award winning Google Ads (AdWords) PPC agency based in London. We run and manage Google pay per click advertising campaign for companies. When people use a search engine we place your adverts in front of them. Since most
people’s time online is spent reading or watching what interests them, not searching, there are other ways to reach your customers. We can reach your customers with display ads, shopping ads, adverts on YouTube and on mobile phone apps. Our team
of experts can put an advertising plan together to suit your objectives and budget.

Google Means Business in London

London has the highest business start up rate in the UK but also the highest failure rate. Now that Google has decided to base its European headquarters in London there will be greater interest in their online advertising services.

Google Search Ads

Google Ads are usually displayed above, below and to the right of the search results.

Running PPC campaigns includes :
  • Finding the keywords customers search
  • Writing persuasive ad copy
  • Creating the landing pages people visit after clicking
  • Managing the price you pay for clicks
  • Getting the most out of your budget
  • Achieve conversions or sales

Display Ads

The Google Display Network includes the websites people go to spend time on. These websites show adverts or videos when people are reading and watching topics that interest them. The display network includes newspaper, hobby and lifestyle

Video Ads

Google own YouTube and we can create, manage and run video ads on YouTube and the display network. Video ads are a great way to tell people about your product or to help them learn more on your website. They can be shown in different sizes and
lengths depending upon where they are placed. Push Group can produce videos for your campaign or adapt your existing television adverts.

App Ads

When you build your app and want to promote it, you should use Universal App adverts. Such app adverts can encourage people to see and install your app on their mobile.

Google Shopping Ads

Our PPC team are experts in driving high conversion rates and profitable shopping ad campaigns for retailers and e-commerce businesses. Using your product feed we can show your products to people when they are shopping online. Your product feed is an essential part of a Google Shopping campaign. We optimise your product feed to make it easier for Google to use that information to improve visibility, clicks and conversions.

Shopping Ads Ideas

London is without doubt the fashion capital of the world with over £91 billion spent online in retail in London each year. Major fashion retailers base their flagship stores in Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Regent Street and up and coming areas such as Spitalfields. Shopping Ads are ideal to reach shoppers not only in London but also globally. The All Saints fashion brand started with stores in Spitalfields before investing in an online presence and then advertising online to grow their business.


We can make more of your website traffic by showing adverts to people who have previously visited your website by showing your adverts to them on the Google Display Network.

Remarketing with smart lists

If you haven’t used remarketing before, then smart lists will identify the people who have been on your website before who are most likely to convert in the future. Smart list will help B2B companies increase their enquiries and store owners convert online sales.

Google Ads (AdWords) can solve marketing challenges

Google Ads (AdWords) campaign can help with most marketing challenges such as raising awareness and encouraging people to try or buy your products. For store owners, Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns can help with new store openings, drive store traffic or encourage people to telephone your store or call centre. After an understanding of your business, our account management team can create and build any campaign to support and deliver your business goals.

10 Google Ads (AdWords) Campaign Ideas for London businesses

We have outlined 12 campaigns for businesses in London to showcase how Google Ads (AdWords) and PPC advertising can help your business.

A car dealer in London used display advertising to promote the Mini car. As part of the campaign, they chose to target ladies aged 25-34 who lived within a 5 mile radius of Wimbledon with high household incomes. Their adverts were
placed on carefully chosen lifestyle, fashion and holiday websites.

There’s over 23,000 SME businesses in the city of London and the majority of these firms are in the financial sectors. When finance related businesses hire new directors they are required to do background checks; personal, criminal and
financial checks. A client regarded online advertising as the ideal solution to reach HR and personnel managers unaware of their services. We chose a blend of search ads and display ads to promote their service. The search ads were
placed in front of people who knew what to search for. Display ads were placed on human resource related websites aimed at those not seeking a solution but who might be interested in learning more about the service.

A UK travel company was targeting US golfers who were looking to research and plan trips to play golf courses and resorts in the UK. We ran a search network only campaign based around searches that included the phrases golf trips, golf
vacations and golf travel packages. The adverts described how the client were able to offer guarantee booking times to some of the most famous UK golf courses when a trip was booked through them.

A restaurant chef developed his own range of healthy meals selling to time poor fitness enthusiasts. Having built up 200 regular customers the business earned outside investment to help expand to 2000 customers per week. Advertising
online was identified as the key to achieving this sales growth. We decided to target people within a 10 mile radius of their kitchen, aged between 36 and 45, not a parent and who visited men’s health, weight loss, bodybuilding, fitness
equipment, gym club, health clubs and yoga and pilates websites. Google’s display planner estimated that a £50 a day budget could earn between 360 and 2000 clicks to their website per week. Once we made people aware of their healthy
dishes we ran a follow up remarketing campaign with a promotional offer to those who had previously visited the website but not purchased.

Sometimes local authorities apply the wrong business rates to companies. A client offers a no win, no fee audit for businesses and targets accountants and insolvency practitioners as the right prospects. Most accountants aren’t even
aware of this service and wouldn’t even consider searching for it on Google. We used a custom intent audience of men aged 35 to 54 and high earners interested in business financial services. Then we placed adverts on website about
accounting, finance, tax preparation, bookkeeping, auditing and invoicing. This provided an estimated 500 to 2500 clicks per week with an average cost per click of £0.20 to £0.76. The advert communicated the no win, no fee offer and
with a 2% landing page conversion and a 30% conversion rate, the client was able to turn a cost per sale of £120 into an average order value (commission) of £2500.

For the last 30 years, most property developers used foam or board to fill the gaps between the external and internal walls of new properties. So, when an alternative product is introduced to the market it’s time-consuming to wait for
customers to change their buying behaviour. We started an online campaign to target architects and surveyors who influence the materials and products used in property construction. With the government backing ambitious plans to develop
new homes in London, the timing was correct to start marketing the bead insulation to architects. We started a search advertising campaign choosing the keywords buyers used. The message used in the adverts was to prompt users to
consider a more environmentally and cost effective solution to insulating walls. The landing page compared the two products and offered visitors the opportunity to receive a free product sample and information pack.

A company in London invested in, and launched a new software for building websites. Their target market was web designers and web developers who already had their preferred software supplier. We discovered one of the competing suppliers was closing down their services. So, we ran a search campaign targeting searches for the supplier on Google search. The advertising offers a free trial for web professionals to trial the software after they had registered for an online live presentation with the company’s founder and lead developer.

A UK travel company was targeting US golfers who were looking to research and plan trips to play golf courses and resorts in the UK. We ran a search network only campaign based around searches that included the phrases golf trips, golf
vacations and golf travel packages. The adverts described how the client were able to offer guarantee booking times to some of the most famous UK golf courses when a trip was booked through them.

To deliver installations of a stock and trading mobile app we used YouTube advertising to reach men looking at investment options. We decided to contact them during their free time when they were listening to 80’s and 90’s music videos on YouTube. The adverts appeared for the duration of each song played, (3 or 4 minutes) underneath the videos raising awareness of the app along with a strong “Get App” call to action to prompt free app installations.

There are millions of product review videos on YouTube that enthusiasts have produced. As for YouTube ads, they use your shop product feed and place your products underneath similar products that are being reviewed in the videos. As
the consumer is seeking to find the best lighting for producing videos, we placed lighting products below the video to encourage shop videos. Now discover more about the team who run Google Ad and PPC campaigns:

Google Premier Partner

Google Premier Partner Push Group have been recognised and achieved Google Premier Partner status. We have a Partner company profile listed on Google Partner search. We also have over 40 Google Ads (AdWords) certified experts who have advanced Google Ads (AdWords) knowledge. Push have shown Google that our growth spend is healthy and active. We have met Google’s performance requirements by delivering Google Ads (AdWords) revenue and growth, and maintaining and growing the customer base.

About Push Group

The Push Group is a team of over 40 PPC specialists based in West London, Central London, Manchester and Copenhagen offices. We manage over £30 million of Google Ad spend per year in numerous consumer, business to business and industrial markets. With over 11 years experience in PPC management, we bring accumulated experience and knowledge to paid search, bid management and ads management. We are a Google Premier Partner and Bing Advertising Partner, a status only given to experience Google Ads (AdWords) agencies. Push is also a Global Winner for Mobile Innovation Award at the Google Premier Partners Awards in 2017.

Google Ads (AdWords) Scripts

We love creating Google Ads (AdWords) scripts to help our clients get better results from their advertising campaign and budget. Some of our favourite scripts can save time, lower costs, improve positions and add negative keywords to Google Ads (AdWords) accounts.

How does an Google Ads (AdWords) management company charge and work?

Push Group work with clients on a fixed monthly fee that is product dependent with performance incentives. We work with PPC advertising budgets ranging from £5,000 to £150,000 a month.

PPC Agencies & Google Ads (AdWords) Management

Our primary management focus is to help clients earn a return on their advertising investment. Using Push Group to manage your Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns, you can focus on what you do best; creating and delivering great products, services and customer experiences. Our account management team will take away all the headaches that go hand-in-hand with running complicated campaigns.

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Why Choose Push Group?

There are 6 reasons to consider Push Group as your next Google Ads (AdWords) PPC agency.

  • Businesses in London have the highest startup growth rate in the UK yet the lowest growth rate.
  • Advertising is absolutely critical when you want new customers to try, buy and use your products and services.
  • As your business seeks to reach new online markets, your in-house marketing team may be overstretched and you need a specialist Google Ads (AdWords) company.


  • With our award for Google innovations in advertising, you may seek an experienced partner well versed in the latest creative executives and media placements.
  • If you are reviewing your advertising budget or want to move from Facebook, print and direct mail advertising into more profitable areas.
  • If you are reviewing your digital marketing agency roster and may be open to inviting agencies to pitch and tender for your PPC management services contracts.