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Our latest webinar

Driving Demand with TikTok

Friday 25th March at 11 am

Push and TikTok have joined forces to share valuable insights and examples into how to get the most out of the TikTok platform when it comes to running paid media campaigns.

We’ll be hearing from TikTok’s own Katie Yorke & Daniel Madden, both Senior Strategic Sales Specialists, on what really works and how to drive not just awareness but sign ups, customer conversion and massive ROI.

From PUSH, Gineke Helberg, Head of Paid Social, will reveal how one brand generated 30,000 new subscriptions through TikTok in just eight weeks.




A Free Crash Course to Google Ads and Pay-per-Click

Wednesday 29th April at 5 pm

We will be covering all the strategies we are using to keep customers ahead in digital marketing.  SIGN UP


Our Previous Webinars

Background, History & Key Insights (2nd April 2020)

  • Why the market downturn could have been predicted  and what history tells us reference to economic cycles
  • Insights from Google, Facebook and Microsoft on trends, actionable insights and strategies
  • Important research and planning steps.

Planning & Adapting Your Product or Service (April 9th 2020)

  • When the market resets how should you future proof your business and what you should do to prepare for the bounce.
  • How to adapt your product/service offering.
  • Which Advertising platforms and approaches are working in this market to grow B2B services, B2C services and eCommerce.
  • A link to the recording of the webinar is here

Key Actions, Case Studies & The Importance of Culture (16th April 2020)

  • The Top 5 Actions You Need To Take Now.
  • Practical Case Studies Demonstrating ROI and Strategy.
  • Key Opportunities we are Seeing in Today’s Marketplace.
  • Coaching Remotely, Managing Energy, Leadership and Culture.
  • A link to the recording of the webinar is here


Our Previous Webinars

Driving Demand with TikTok

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Key Actions, Case Studies & The Importance of Culture

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Planning & Adapting Your Product or Service

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