We love nothing more than hearing from our customers, especially when they share amazing testimonials like this one from Eddie Grovu, Head of eCommerce & Digital at Toolden, one of Scotland’s largest power tools and accessory distributors.


What was the position of the business before you took on Push?

Before starting up with Push our website turnover was around £6 million a year at that time we were focusing on certain lines due to our paid advertising limitations. We had Google Analytics Conversion Tracking issues that restricted us from growing the account and our ROAS targets were almost never met.


Why have you found working with Push?

Working with Push has been truly amazing. They have played a major part in our business growth, and have now been part of the Toolden family for almost 2 years. Our regular communication has allowed us to keep on top of our objectives while adjusting our strategy to continue the expansion.


How is Push helping you to reach your expected turnover of £30 million?

Here at Toolden, we tend to be very ambitious in setting up high goals and objectives. Push has met them each time which allowed our business to grow at an incredible rate for our industry or any other eCommerce business. This combined with a great range of products, competitive pricing and excellent customer service you really can’t go wrong.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read and would our help to grow your eCommerce business, please get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.


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Slav Kolchev
Digital Account Manager


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