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It is important to think about how to engage, recapture and increase customer loyalty through online advertising.Our team have the commercial acumen required to think this way whilst also working to your business KPIs.


We use a ten step process to manage google shopping which is based on learnings from previous experience, case studies & learnings.There is not one silver bullet to deliver high returns but a tried and tested process.


Our technology allows us to edit product feeds and control performance on an individual product level to hit return on spend targets. We also have software to support with in depth analysis and reporting.We utilise software to provide in depth analysis and reporting across analytics too to understand the entire customer journey.

Why Get a FREE e-Commerce Google Ads (AdWords) Audit

Google shopping is one of the best marketing tools out there and is consistently evolving to become one of the best online comparison services in a highly competitive market.

For e-commerce sites, businesses face an ever increasing challenge to establish or maintain brand loyalty or remain profitable where price can be the main influence in making a purchase.

Some find it difficult to decrease costs, target the right audience, or continually optimise their campaigns. This can lead to poor returns, spiralling costs and lost revenue.

If you’re finding it difficult to make it cost effective, increase overall sales, or want to start selling online then perhaps you need a helping hand?

Strategy To Maximise Profits

To make a success of e-commerce on Google Ads (AdWords), it’s important to carefully structure your campaigns from search and shopping.

The quality of your merchant feed determines your success and we work with you to ensure this is at an optimum level.

It’s also important to have in your strategy, plans that include engaging new customers, re-capturing abandoned or lapsed customers, and increasing brand loyalty.

We’ve developed software and processes that provide in depth analysis and reporting, this means we can identify performance from an individual product to overall account return.

Important Considerations To Maximise Google Shopping Performance

Remove wastage

  • Removing items that do not make money – We monitor each item and its performance individually
  • Adding negative keywords – To make sure you show for the right target keywords
  • Setting the correct availability – Because an out of stock product is money wasted

Optimising your bids

  • Separating items that are performing – So we can get more back with what is selling well
  • Using custom labels – To be able to organise the items in a product feed better
  • Using the product type attribute – We make sure items are labelled correctly so we can focus on what matters

Increasing quality of your listings

  • Promotion Ads – Highly recommended to separate ads from the crowd
  • Restructuring titles – Did you know Google’s algorithm reads from left to right
  • Analysing data quality – To make sure your listings stay active!

Client Success

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